Portable Fast Microchip Based PCR Analyser: SWM-01

Core technologies

Rapid thermal cycle technology, integrated sample pretreatment, microfluidic PCR chip, intelligent image processing

Product applicationMedical diagnosis test


Applicable units (or customers): Emergency rooms, CDC (Centers for Disease Control), medical centers, community primary hospitals, operating rooms and diagnostic rooms, etc.

Product characteristics

  • 7.5-inch colorful touch screen, user-friendly interface;
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, large capacity, long battery life;
  • Portable design and suitable for on-site use;
  • Using chip Sealing and integrated sample preparation technology;
  • Minimize risk of contamination and improve automation level;
  • Reduction of costs and PCR reaction time to as short as 8 min;
  • High detection sensitivity with limit down to single-molecule level;
  • Novel design for detection light pathin order to eliminate stray light interference;
  • Employ artificial intelligence image segmentation algorithm and data processing system to improve precision as well as efficiency;
  • Equipped with large-capacity memory card and Wi-Fi mode for easy data storage and transmission

Detectable items

  • Blood infectious diseases: Hepatitis B, HIV, HPV;
  • Respiratory infectious diseases;
  • Flu virus;
  • Pathogens in epidemic area;
  • Enterovirus


Properties Parameters
Temperature range 20-105℃
Heating rate 30℃/s
Cooling rate 10℃/s
Temperature accuracy ±0.3℃
Temperature uniformity >98%
Reaction system 2-20uL
Fluorescence channel FAM
Heater power 20W
Output voltage of battery 20V
Weight <2.5kg
Operating software Portable Fast Microchip Based PCR Analyzer V1.0
Operating system Linux
Signal interface USB,HDMI,Ethernet